OVERALL WINNER of the iPod Touchis Arial Blue by Ciara of Nayland Primary.
Well done Ciara
Year One and Two- Ciara- Nayland Primary - Arial Blue
Highly Commended- Ellen from Hope- The Park Abby from Brooklyn- Carpet Love
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Year Three and Four- Hunter- Upper Moutere- My Brother
Highly Commended- Lily from Hope- Leaves Jamie from Upper Moutere -The Mushroom Hunt

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Year Five and Six - Greta- Hope School- Singing in the Rain
Highly Commended- Jalahdi from Auckland Point School Curves
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Year Seven and Eight - Brian - Waimea Intermediate- Pride of the South
Highly Commended
Courtney from Motueka South School Wharaiki Rock,
Katy from Parklands ET Bicycle,
Quin from Parklands Cactus Eye,
Alana from Motueka South Mist Bowl

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Teachers/Principals/Teacher Aides - Pam - Hira School
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